Sunday, January 29, 2012

Recent Posters

I get asked to do Stencil posters from time to time, or I do them for fun. Here's a few recent ones.
This was for my friend's monthly party, The Boom Bap - 4 Year Anniversary with DJ Tony Touch. My friends kept a few (gave 1 to Tony Touch) and gave the rest away to party revelers. (12 total, 12x18 spray paint, latex paint on chip board)
The same night my friends were celebrating 4 years, my friend Sean was celebrating the Grand Opening of his food truck Wrapper's Delight. I'm painting the truck also. The red checkered pattern in posters is based off the design of the truck. (8 total, 12x18 spray paint, latex paint on chip board)
There is still much to be added to the truck design.
This poster was for Cypher Sunday. A monthly, graffiti mini-jam I helped organize in Nashville. Babe Ruth lead guitarist and producer Alan Shacklock came by to meet some local b-boys/fans and sign these prints for them. Their song "The Mexican" is one of the most notable breaks in hip-hop history. Below is a video from that day feat. "The Mexican". People did Mexican themed walls also.

This I did for Struggle aka Young Struggle, Young Strugg, Struggle Jennings. He's Waylon Jennings grandson and a rapper from Nashville (The Nations, West Side). He also got into some legal troubles right before he was on the cover of CONCRETE Magazine with Yelawolf. I was going to do posters, but then they needed a graphic for a t-shirt to raise some money for him. Here is a LINK to his really great VIDEO feat/ Waylon and Yealwolf.
This one is for Chancellor Warhol. He is also a rapper on the rise from Nashville. Later for the run of ten I added his name and "The Silver Factory" the name of his new album. I surprised him at his album listening party at The Ha Factory.