Monday, June 25, 2012

Hanging with Lootpack

In 1999 I traveled to Los Angeles with AudRoc to attend the B-Boy Summit (Where we helped start a riot! But that's another story for another time.) The event was thrown by Easy-Roc and Asia 1 then-members of The Rock Steady Crew. While in LA we stayed with the homie Troy Duff and his cousin Erica. They lived in Studio City, but Erica was from Oxnard and Troy had also lived there a couple of years. Some friends of theirs from Oxnard, Lootpack were performing at the B-Boy Summit and asked Troy and Erica if they could also stay at their house. So that put me in the same house as Madlib and Wildchild. It was obviously real early in their career. I snapped a few candid photos while hanging out and a few at the Summit. They were super nice guys. A few months later they came to Nashville to perform at WRVU Benefit Show and we hung out some in Nashville.
 Madlib getting his iron on.
 Peanut Butter Wolf with a Show & Prove Magazine at B-Boy Summit 199
Wild Child of Lootpack

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Bonnaroo 2012 - Water Stations

The good folks at Bonnaroo asked to come out again and help spice up the festival grounds. This year they wanted our take on the water stations inside Centeroo (the things people stand in line to fill up their empty water bottles). We did some animal prints in blues with water droplet icons on top. We did about 10 stations plus another 10 hand washing stations spread out in the camping areas.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Wrapper's Delight Food Truck

My friend Sean Brashears opened his food truck Wrapper's Delight for business earlier this year. He told me last year at Bonnaroo he was going to do it and wanted me to paint it. I think his name and concept are classic! It's food wraps named after some of hip-hop's most iconic music artists. The visual idea is based on the album art for A Tribe Called Quest's "Midnight Marauders". I also did some large Nashville skylines to represent our fine city. Make sure you check them out on facebook and twitter and get some great food.
Wrapper's Delight will be profiled on the Food Network show Eat St. this summer! Here they are filming at Elmington Park (West End Middle School).