Thursday, October 25, 2012

Lotus Community Work Shop - Harmony Korine, Val Kilmner, Troy Duff

I graduated from Hillsboro High School the same year as Harmony Korine. He has used a lot of class mates in his films over the years. My friend Troy Duff is the latest example of that. Harmony shot a short film for Vice and Troy had a nice supporting role as Rev. Mickey House alongside the legendary Val Kilmer. When Troy told me he was in the project, I bugged him to get in as an extra. Troy came thru like the friend he is, and I found myself an extra in the Locust Community Work Shop. Shooting took place summer of 2011 at the Brentwood Skate Center which has the same neon lights since it opened in 1981. I grew up in the roller rink heyday and Brentwood is about the only on left in Nashville from the 80s. It was the perfect trippy background for Harmony's crazy script. Good times. check chanting "Get a Job" at 13:41.

Wiz Khalifa Mural 2 - MTSU

This one is in Murfreesboro right next to MTSU campus.