Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Yelawolf Mural - Antioch, Tennessee

I painted this piece for Yelawolf. I'm a big fan of his music. When I was kid I lived in Antioch. Yelawolf lived in Antioch during his childhood also. Like myself, Yelawolf was bused from that area into Nashville to integrate the school system. I'm a few years older than Yelawolf, but we both attended Carter Lawrence Elementary School. He talks about writing his first rap there and the principle Mr. Kersey. We have those childhood experiences in common, so I feel a bit of kinship with him. And we share a few of the same skater/graffiti friends. Yelawolf has also shown great support to my magazine CONCRETE. I was happy to paint this piece in our old neighborhood (wall of Vic's Barber Shop - 5122 Nolensville Pike  Nashville, TN 37211).
Here is a video of me painting the Yelawolf wall.

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